"From past experience we have seen how well and fast they [EBS] pay their claims. If you are ever looking for insurance protection, please consider EBS, Inc. They are experts in the health insurance field."

Melvin Donesky, DDS, General Denistry

"Over the last few years we have seen how well they [EBS] pay their claims. Not only are they prompt, they also have excellent coverages."

Walter Hunt, Bradley/Cleveland Developmental Services

"Let me assure anyone looking at EBS' plan that they pay very well and very promptly. The benefits are unlimited in most cases and the rates are reasonable for our employees."

William Kincaid, The La Follette Housing Authority

"It has been a pleasure to work with EBS. Anytime we have a new employee, or anyone has questions or claims, they are right here to take care of us. If your firm is looking for benefits, I recommed you look at Employee Benefit Specialists, Inc.

Elizabeth Fine, National Bank of Newport

"We hired them because they charge no fees for the program, and because they also offer a deferred compensation plan that the employee can participate in with their tax savings."

Alan Gill, Hallsdale-Powell Utility District

"If you have not been contacted by EBS, I'm sure you will be soon. Don't be quick to push them aside. Listen to what they have to offer. You'll be glad you did."

Fred Hicks, Bloomingdale Utility District

"As a small town, we were quite skepticall of change when first approached by Employee Benefit Specialists four years ago. They offered us a plan that sounded almost too good to be true. Now that we have had the Section 125 plan in place, we can vouch for the benefit it gives to both the employee and employer."

Sandra Smith, Town of White Pine

"Being on a budget like all other Housing Authorities, we couldn't have these plans, had there been any fees. EBS's representatives took the time to sit down with each employee and explain how this could help them. They even provided us with documents to make the plan legal and took care of all the paperwork."

Jerry Hamlin, McKenzie Housing Authority